Welcome to LMD Design & Drafting

LMD Design & Drafting is here to guide you through the process of constructing or renovating your home. From the initial consultation, through the permit and planning approvals to ensuring you choose the best tradespeople in the industry to carry out the work.

When you work with us we’ll assist you in appointing various or all consultants required to get you to the end result.

The time it takes from the initial consultation to the final construction can be daunting for some people, but there is no time like the present to start.

We may need to engage with many people and through a time frame that could take 3-6 months for a standard building permit, and up to 12 months or years depending on whether we have to go through a planning procedure.

It is absolutely vital to get it right in the initial stage as there is nothing worse than rushing a process that could make or break how your potential dream home may look and function.

At LMD Design & Drafting we can assist you with parts of the project, such as drafting your plans, or handle the complete process, which is what most of our clients prefer.

The design of your home should be fun, and even though it can be testing at times, you should feel a real sense of accomplishment once it’s done. To help our clients reach this goal is our priority.