Who is involved in the building process?

If you’re about to start a building or renovation project, depending on the size and complexity of the job, you’re likely to meet a handful of different professionals throughout this process. And chances are you’re unsure of who’s doing what and whether to take their advice over someone else’s.

At the initial stages of the building process you get and gain a lot of advice, but who are the right people you need to talk to?

Who's advice should you take?

Advisors and consultants can take many forms in the building process. They can be a financial advisor, real estate, mortgage broker or even a friend with local building knowledge.

As designers, we are often the first point of contact. Once a client contacts us we’ll find out exactly what the plan for your project is and send you in the right direction.

Before you get in contact with any subcontractors or builders, you should make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations around your building or renovation project and establish what forms you need to fill out (they differ depending on whether it’s a commercial or residential development, a house or an extension to your home).

Our staff are happy to advise you in this area and answer any questions you might have about permits and documentation. 

We work closely with consultants

Over the years, we have established great relationships with builders and consultants and work closely with them to assure you get advice tailored to your specific project and budget.

Other people that might need to be called upon during the process could be town planners, engineers, landscapers and interior designers, and your local council, to name a few. See our process map for more information.

Their assistance and advice may be crucial to developing the correct process and outcome.

At LMD, we have great connections throughout the construction industry and when a client contacts us we get to work gathering all the parties and ensuring their idea of the desired end result alight with that of the client.

We endeavour to make this an enjoyable time for everyone involved.